Fagor Ucook Induction Cooktop Review

The first thing most people notice about this model is its amazing weight-it weighs all of 4.4 pounds. Paired with its compact footprint dimensions of 9.8 x 13 x 2.4 inches, it is easy to see that this model has most users’ need for portability and compactness covered. Talk about hitting the ball out of the park as far as these criteria are concerned. The problem is that this model’s small form factor begs the question of whether it sacrificed too much, in terms of the other common criteria used by induction cooktop buyers to make smart purchasing decisions, in its quest to deliver on portability. We were pleasantly surprised at the answer. Given how this model addresses the criteria we used to analyze its total value proposition, it is no wonder many of its buyers consider this small induction cooktop the best portable induction burner. We’re not, this early in the review, prepared to deliver a similar judgment so please check the criteria below and the itemized discussions below to see how this model measures up.




Selection Criteria

When comparing different induction cooktop models, you really have to avoid two extremes. On the one hand, you can’t let all the custom descriptions and jargon get to you. They only serve to make you think that the product is so unique, so distinctive, or so cutting edge that the only comparison that makes sense is to compare it to itself. Of course, this would lead nowhere. The other extreme is the exact opposite: the model is so similar to other induction cooktops currently in the market that there’s really not much difference and they are all basically the same except for some small minor points. Thankfully, by using the criteria below, we can get an objective, useful, and practical framework for sizing up the value of a cooktop. We sized up this Fagor Ucook Induction Cooktop by looking at its heat range, portability, easy controls, cleanup and maintenance, heating quality, and pan accommodation. This model compared so favorably that we can easily see where people who claim it is the best portable induction cooktop are coming from.


Heat range

As the old saying goes, great things come in small packages. Well, in this situation, lots of heat and power can come in tight small packages. Packing 1300 Watts of solid power, this model delivers 8 power levels which range in temperature from 140 to 465 degrees Fahrenheit. This power level selection is wide spread enough to handle most people’s cooking heat needs. Also, you can quickly and easily switch output display from degrees to power levels.

Fagor Ucook Induction Cooktop



Just by looking at its very apartment- or RV-friendly dimensions of  9.8 x 13 x 2.4 inches, you know this model has portability all but wrapped up. It only 4.4 pounds and doesn’t need much to lug around. Whether you’re moving to the end of the street, to the other side of town, to another state, or clear to the other end of the country, this model’s lightweight and compact footprint has all your portability needs covered. Given all this, it is no wonder it’s been described as the best rated portable induction cooktop as well as the best rated portable induction range. If portability is your number one concern, look no further.


Easy controls

With its basic flat design and easy to read controls, this model is very easy to work with. You have little chance of being confused by this model. Its control system is very intuitive. It also has 8 easy settings which you can easily click through. However, make sure you avoid spills. The flat top of this cooktop might fill up with spilled liquid and your view of the LED read out can be obscured.


Cleanup and maintenance

As long as you actively guard against spills, this model is fairly easy to clean. Indeed, even if you suffered a nasty spill, you only need to wait for the cooktop to thoroughly cool down for you to quickly clean this model. Clean up is as simple as wiping the top with a damp rag. At most, you’ll need two rounds: one with soapy water and one with a damp cloth. Quick and easy. Indeed, it’s so easy to clean you might just end up join the ranks of the people who claim this model is the best buy induction cooktop.


Heat Quality

It’s easy to think that given how small this unit is that it won’t be up to the job of providing the heat needed for solid cooking. Wrong. This unit packs 1300 watts of heating power presented in 8 settings. It is no slacker in the heating department. Best of all, it doesn’t have a hot spot-its heating is evenly distributed.


Pan accommodation

As long as you are using ferromagnetic cookware, this unit is up to the job. That’s right-even if you are using cast aluminum, copper compounds, or even ceramic mixed with iron, this model has your heating needs covered. This great news because it is natural to think that just because this model is so portable that it might have sacrificed too much. Well, while many induction models pack a lot more power than this model, it delivers enough power at 1300 Watts. This power level is high enough for most home chefs’ needs. If you are a college student living in cramped quarters, this model delivers solid value. You get a lot of heat for a whole lot of compact portability. The same goes for RV inhabitants. Best of all, you don’t have to buy specially packaged cookware to use this unit. As long as the cookware you use is truly an induction unit, you should be fine.




Total value Assessment

Priced several dollars south of the $50 mark, this portable induction model can easily be descried as having the best price for induction cooktops. However, we have to go beyond the label of best price induction cooktop. This model delivers more than just a low price. This model also delivers on portability and solid heating. Given all these, it is easy to conclude that this model is the best range portable induction cooktop or at least a serious contender for distinction.


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