GoWise USA Induction Cooktop Review

The first thing that strikes you about this model is that it sure looks like a blast from the past device. It’s central circular lines easily reminds a lot of people of old school turntables. Remember those? Turntables were devices that spun vinyl records to produce sound. Despite its retro look, this model actually delivers quite a solid induction performance. Indeed, its central squiggly lines don’t just remind some older folks of their favorite LPs or Eps, the lines also indicate solid design because you can center your cookware right in the middle of this unit for optimal cooking. The controls on the right side also makes for a clean, easy, approachable, hassle-free experience. Given everything it has going for it, is no surprise that not a few customer-reviewers consider this model the best portable induction burner in its class.




Review criteria

To do a solid job of sizing up this model’s induction power and overall value, we used as benchmarks the most common criteria weighed by the typical induction cooktop prospective buyer: heat range, portability, easy controls, ease of cleanup, heating quality, and whether the unit accommodates a wide range of induction cookware. We were quite impressed. Keep reading below to see if this model is the best range portable induction cooktop for you.


Heat range

This unit’s black glass surface top packs quite a bit of heat. How much heat? Well, its overall power output is 1600 Watts. Its temperature settings start at 150 and tops out at 450. It has 11 different temperature settings. In terms of power level, you are given a choice of 10 power settings. For those who are looking for a ‘set it and forget it’ cooktop, this model has you covered for as long as 150 minutes. For most people cooking stews at fairly high temperatures, 150 minutes is more than enough. Given the power and heat this small induction cooktop brings to the table, it is very easy to see why many of its fans consider it the best rated portable induction range.


GoWise USA Induction Cooktop



Sadly, not all induction cooktops that are dubbed as ‘portable’ aren’t all that portable. It’s not like you can just unplug them, put them in a box (or lug them around without a box!), and get from Point A to Point B with minimal stress and worry. Some tend to be on the heavy side. Others tend to have a form factor that gets in the way of quick and easy ‘unplug and move’ portability. Thankfully, this model’s 7 pound size and roughly square profile has you covered. While it is not the lightest model in its class, we feel that its 7 pound size is just right because anything lighter and you run the risk of serious injury should you accidentally push aside the cooktop while you’re stewing, boiling, or frying something. I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded just how horrendous splattered frying oil can be. You have less chance of that happening to you if you use this model. It has enough heft to resist easy side movements or slipping.


Easy controls

The great thing about this unit’s controls is they are pretty much centralized in one easy to spot part. The panel is not too small so you can easily change settings and everything would be obvious to you. Its LED display, as accessible and easy to view as it is, also does a great job of letting you know if the cookware you put on the heating pad of this model is not inductive. Given this model’s ease of use and the fact that you don’t have to have a PhD or some sort of advanced robotics or rocketry degree easily justifies why this model has been repeatedly mentioned by other reviews as the best induction cooktop in its class. Not too shabby. Not shabby at all.


Cleanup and maintenance

Not only does this unit have a nice retro look that kind of brings back all sorts of memories of Djs working two turntables and a microphone, its retro and streamlined look makes clean up easy. Just as the line indicators for this unit makes it easy for users to position cookware on top of it to maximize heating efficiency (and save lots of time in the process), this slick and sleek look also make clean up as drama-free and hassle-free as possible. Talk about form following function!

Indeed, this model is so easy to wipe down with just two rounds of swiping with a damp cloth that, in light of its other virtues, you’d be tempted to declare it the best rated portable induction cooktop you’ve seen or more simply the best portable induction cooktop you’ve ever used. Believe us, few people would be hard pressed to call you out or challenge your conclusion.


Heating quality

Let’s face it, regardless of how sleek, awesome, accessible, and portable an induction cooktop may be, if it has a hot spot or has uneven heating, it would fail in its greatest job-evenly heating your food. Thankfully, the GoWise USA Induction Cooktop doesn’t suffer from uneven heating. This model has solid heating coverage. However, keep in mind that it would work optimally only if the bottom of your cookware is completely flat. This is very important.


Pan accommodations

In terms of pan and pot types, the GoWise USA Induction Cooktop accommodates all induction models. It is not so sensitive and so tailored fit to only the induction cookware it ships with. Don’t fall for that common induction cookware/cooktop scheme. There are quite a number of those. Instead, insist on a model that, just like the GoWise USA Induction Cooktop, can accommodate a wide range of cookware as long as they contain enough iron. Either way, you’ll be quickly notified by this cooktop’s error system if you’ve put on a pan it won’t work with.




Overall value assessment

Besides its awesome design and retro look, this unit packs  quite a bit of value in such a compact form. At its current price point, it’s easy to see why many consider it the best buy induction cooktop for its class. You can’t argue with its low price. Indeed, it very well feature the best price for induction cooktops or at least be a strong contender. If you’re looking for the best price induction cooktop, give this unit a long hard look.


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