Induction Cooktop Reviews: Duxtop 8300ST 1800 WATT

True to its minimalist styling, the Duxtop 8300ST 1800 WATT Portable Induction Cooktop doesn’t appear flamboyant or flashy. It is one cooktop that, from its looks alone, promises you a high tech solution for all your cooktop needs. Still, don’t let this model’s modest appearance throw you off. Its design is basic and to the point because its performance is basic and to the point. It is a very practical model that is clearly designed to deliver maximum practicality. We were not disappointed. Indeed, it is very easy to see why some reviewers have considered this the best rated portable induction range in its class which is one of the reasons we’ve included it in our list of induction cooktop reviews!



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Review criteria

To ensure that we give the Duxtop 8300ST 1800 WATT Portable Induction Cooktop a fair shake, we sized it up using the following standard criteria applicable to all induction cooktop units regardless of brand and specialization: heat range, portability, controls, cleanup and maintenance issues, heating quality, and pan versatility. We are happy to report that the Duxtop 8300ST not only acquitted itself well but also justified the claims made by some of its biggest fans as the best portable induction burner currently on the market. Read the blow by blow below and decide for yourself.

Induction Cooktop Reviews: Duxtop 8300ST


Heat range

This model has 10 power levels and 10 corresponding temperatures. Starting at 140 degrees to 460 degrees and from 200 to 1800 watts, this unit delivers the typical heat range most home cooks would expect from any cooktop whether it be induction, gas, or electric. Paired with this fairly decent heat setting selection is a countdown digital timer that works in 1 minute increments. You can set up this model to keep running for close to 3 hours! 170 minutes. Not bad. Given its great heating versatility and range, it’s no surprise many of the bigger fans of this model consider it the best range portable induction cooktop. We can’t say we can fault them. It’s sleek and minimalist design does a great job of framing its heating capabilities.



With dimensions of 14 x 12 x 2.6 inches and weighing in at a nice and light 7.7 pounds this, this model definitely delivers portability. It is small and compact enough to easily transport on the road. Its compact footprint ensure fairly easy storage. Believe me, you’ll need this if you ever need to move or if you have cramped quarters or your storage space isn’t that big. Its weight is not so light that it can easily be pushed sideways. This is quite an important feature because you wouldn’t want to accidentally pull the cord of this unit while it is boiling a big pot of water. It’s heavy enough to resist easy sliding. Given its fairly square profile and relatively light and manageable weight, it comes as no surprise that many of its reviewers consider it their best rated portable induction cooktop. We find it hard to buck against their assessment-at least when it comes to portability.


Easy controls

This unit’s LED display is very easy to figure out. You only need to select among the 10 pre-set power levels or temperature settings. In terms of child protection, this unit has a Child Safety Lock feature that really comes in handy. It is very easy to figure out and use. You only need to hold down the Safety Lock Key to activate it. It only takes 3 seconds to activate.

Using sensor touch technology, this cooktop doesn’t feature a PVC-based panel system. Accordingly, its control system can last a much longer time. It won’t crack or fade like most PVC-based controls.

Another key feature that adds to this model’s ease of use is its auto-detect system. If there’s no pan on this cooktop for 60 seconds, it automatically shuts off. This is a very important energy saving feature. It also has an automatic error reporting system should you put on it a pan or pot that isn’t induction-friendly. All told, the easy controls and intuitive design as well as the minimalist look to the icons of this cooktop’s controls make this a top notch, easy small induction cooktop that you can take anywhere with you.


Cleanup and maintenance

This Duxtop model’s smooth top panel is very easy to clean up. It has no indentations and is very smooth. Even if you suffered a spill, you can easily wipe it off with a quick swipe of a soapy sponge followed up with a damp cloth. Quick and easy, cooking spills are not a problem at all.


Heating quality

This model’s 10 temperature range is plenty for most home cooks. The temperature range is spread out evenly enough that you are most likely to get the temperature you need to not just cook your dish but to cook it quickly. This versatility is crucial in helping this cooktop deliver on one of the most often cited benefits of switching to induction from gas or electric ranges: speedy cooking.

Unfortunately, too many other cooktops completely negate whatever speed advantages induction delivers because they have uneven heating or have heat spots. Thankfully, you won’t have any such problems with this model. It has well distributed heat and this ensures that whatever you’re cooking is heated up sooner rather than later. Boiling water with this model is quick and easy. Given its nice mix of a zen-like design, easy portability, and even heating, as well as budget friendly pricing, many of this cooktop’s previous purchasers consider this particular model the best portable induction cooktop they can find or the best induction cooktop period. While we’re not prepared to go that far, we can concede that this unit is a top contender for the best buy induction cooktop.


Pan accommodation

This model handles cookware ranging from cast iron to aluminum. As long as the cookware is induction-friendly, this cooktop’s been proven to produce enough magnetic heat to get the cookware to do its job. The same can’t be said across the board for all other induction cooktops out there. Indeed, some models are notoriously finicky regarding the cookware they can work with.

The great thing about this model is that it won’t leave you guessing (and hanging). You get notified quickly through an error system if you’ve placed the wrong pot or pan on it.




Total value assessment

Priced less than $100, this small induction model actually leaves quite a big impression. Everything about it may seem minimalist but don’t let the humble and sleek appearance throw you off. This model might not be the shoo-in for best price for induction cooktops, but it packs quite a bit of value and performance. Given the total package it brings to the table and given the value of the time you stand to save using it, it can easily qualify for the best price induction cooktop models you can purchase.

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