Mr. Induction SPT 1300 Watt Induction Cooktop Review

While there are a lot of induction cooktops on the market, most of the units being touted as ‘portable’ can only make that claim due to their shape and relatively light weight. These are comparative features and compared to regular sized cooktop options, these induction units sure do qualify as ‘portable enough.’ Still, if you are seriously looking for best portable induction cooktop, you have to be more discriminating. You have to insist on the very best in terms of portability, ease of use, and safety. Sadly, when reviewed with these parameters, too many ‘portable’ models on the market turn out to be quite mediocre. They are portable ‘enough’ but shouldn’t really be the first choice machine of people who are serious about solid portability. Thankfully, home chefs looking for a truly portable model can always turn to the Mr. Induction SPT 1300 WATT Induction Cooktop. This model can easily become your ‘go to’ portable induction unit. Hands down. Here’s the blow-by-blow.




Review criteria

When sizing up the SPT 1300 and all other models in this site, for the same of making sure we compare all models with the same standards fairly, we used the following criteria. These criteria were not selected randomly. Instead, they mirror the most common concerns consumers like you express when looking for induction cooktop or faced with issues regarding your cooktop kitchen appliances. Our factors are: heat range, portability, easy controls, cleanup and maintenance, heating quality, and pan accommodation. The good news? The SPT does a great job in ranking up there on all criteria-especially portability. Indeed, it did so well, we now understand why many of its buyers claim it is the best buy induction cooktop.


Heat range

In terms of temperature settings, this model has 2 types of settings: power and keep warm. For power (or active cooking), you get 7 settings. Starting a 100 watts and reaching all the way to 1300 watts, this model’s heating settings are spaced well enough to accommodate the heat needs of most dishes. Please take note that the 2 lowest settings- 100w and 300w are actually never produced by the cooktop. Instead, it simulates these temperature settings by using a 500W setting and heating it for some time, stopping, and then repeating. Accordingly, the 100W is simulated by heating at 500W for 2 full seconds then stopping for the next 8 seconds then repeating.

For ‘keep warm’  temp settings, this unit has 13 settings available: 13 keep warm settings (100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 190, 210, 230, 250, 280, 300, 350, and 390). As stated above, unless you’re using this to heat up beer for brewing or some other heavy duty purpose, these heat settings are enough to handle most household stewing, soup making, boiling, and frying needs.


Mr. Induction SPT 1300 Watt Induction Cooktop



Why do some of the biggest fans of this model claim that it is the best portable induction burner? Well, a lot of that might be due to this unit’s dimensions and weight. Measuring a nice and compact 11.81 x 14.17 x 2.48 in. This model is very easy to store away. As for lugging around from Point A to Point B, this unit won’t hold you back nor hold you down. How come? Its compact form weighs in at all of 4.5 pounds. 4.5 pounds! That’s a nice 3 to 4 pounds lighter than the average induction cooktop. No wonder many portability-focused consumers consider this unit the best induction cooktop in its class.


Easy controls

Using a standard LED digital display, it is very easy to figure out the settings the model is on or which setting you’re switching it to. There’s no guesswork needed. Operations are pretty straightforward. This is made all that much easier by this model’s 13 keep warm settings and 7 power settings. The LED makes it clear which setting you’re on and whether the setting is in Fahrenheit or in Watts. This small induction cooktop’s basic touches make it very easy to use. Indeed, other sites have considered this the best rated portable induction cooktop.
In terms of safety, this model makes it easy for you to protect your family’s (especially small children) safety, with its easy auto lock system. Your kids can’t just press a button and get burned. They have to press down for some time to unlock the system.


Cleanup and maintenance

The clean and sleek lines of this kitchen appliance means you wouldn’t have to worry about reaching hard baked spills on indentations or hard to reach areas. This model has clean, straight, simple lines. In fact, its look is so streamlined you only need to quickly wipe it down twice (first with soap then a damp cloth) for you to keep it in tiptop shape for a long time to come. This ease of maintenance works so well with the portability of this unit that we can easily see why so many of its previews reviewers consider it the best range portable induction cooktop.


Heating quality

Unfortunately, regardless of how portable a kitchen appliance may be, it has to have solid heating in terms of distribution. Regardless of how easy it is to keep clean, when it comes to sizing up induction cooktops, the rubber meets the road in the realm of heating quality. We’re happy to report that we did not experience any uneven heating, heat ‘halos’ or heat rings with this model. It works smoothly whether you’ve just turned it on for the first time or you’ve used it several dozen times. This reliability is crucial for maximum peace of mind.


Pan accommodation

This model can easily accommodate a wide range of cookware cladding. You won’t be stuck with a model that only works with the cookware it ships with. This model doesn’t play those types of games. Instead, you can rest assured that if you have any iron-based (at its bottom ‘heat disk’) cookware, this model is sensitive enough to induce heat. Of course, you can’t use an all-ceramic pan or all-aluminum pan and expect induction. The pot or pan you use must have ferrous elements at the right part of the cookware.




Total value evaluation

It really is no surprise why quite a number of people are convinced that his unit provides the best price for induction cooktops. Considering the fact that is one of best rated portable induction range units in its class, this model’s pricing (just slightly north of 50 bucks!), makes it a real serious contender for the title of the best price induction cooktop


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